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Family Gatherings

We all belong to families, no matter how much the forces of togetherness or the pull towards individuality drive us. We have a need to be both together and to be ourselves. It is the root of our most basic instincts to have a place that we call home. For some of us home has been complicated and if not disruptive, painful and even dangerous. It is the journey towards understanding, seeking to look through the generations and put into context the complexities of our families, that helps co-create the magnificent journey towards our own self connection and maturity.

Moving Minds applies a systemic approach which is guided by Dr Murray Bowen’s work on the family system. Dr Murray Bowen pioneered his thinking with his Bowen Family Systems Therapy starting from the 1950’s in his research project in the United States. This theory continues to be documented, researched and written about, albeit in relatively small amounts. At Moving Minds we engage in this theory, look to continue and evaluate our own experiences compared to the predictions and the theoretical structures and find it incredibly useful in supporting our own and others journeys towards maturing and connection with themselves, their pursuits, their families.

We support the formulation of observation within the context of all facets of one’s life. To come to familiarise yourself with the pursuits of your own individualistic drives as well as the things that pull you towards togetherness in your family and in your own areas of interest and social company. No amount of curiosity will ever go astray when it comes to mapping our own interactive patterns in the different facets of our life. This is an area that any of the consultants at Moving Minds are more than happy to step on the journey and support you with.

Every day there are many opportunities to observe the patterns of interacting within your family. Being able to observe yourself in all the subtle ways you may be relaxed, anxious, tense or resentful leading up to and throughout the gathering. Check how you go and don't forget, just showing up is victory on some level.